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Drop shipping business

Drop shipping is done by listing and selling products from an online (eCommerce) store without storing those products yourself. you simply have to register on those e-commerce store and You create business partnerships with suppliers, who receive orders from your website, package the products, and then send directly to customers on your behalf.

does website necessary for drop shipping business?

If you want to do this business as a part time then you don’t have to create any website. You can just share those products on your instagram, facebook, and whatsapp accounts among your followers and friends and make costumers.

Things required for drop shipping business:-

Things that are required for drop shipping business are divided in two parts:-
1) As a full time career.
2) As a part time work. (passive income, for students)


Things required in as a full time career:-
  •    Computer system.
  •    Internet connection.
  •    Shopping website.
  •    Dropshipping supplier.(for e.g. meesho, wooplr, alidropship ,etc)


Things required in as part time work:-
  •    A smartphone.
  •     Internet connection.
  •    Accounts on social media. (to share products.)
  •     Dropshipping supplier.(for e.g. meesho, wooplr, alidropship, etc)

How dropshipping works?

1. The retailer “stocks” products on their website or marketplace
2. The retailer doesn’t actually hold these products, they are held by the supplier or wholesaler (who could be anywhere in the world). These products may cost £1 per unit from the supplier, while the dropshipper lists them at £3 each (making a profit of £2 from the sale).
3. When a customer orders a product from the dropshipper’s website, the merchant receives a notification. The merchant then forwards that order to the supplier, either manually or automatically.
4. The supplier fulfils the order and ships it directly to the customer under the dropshipper’s name. 

How to find profitable and high demand products to dropship?

Selling products that are currently popular is one option. In fact, you don’t need to know a huge amount about the product or your audience, just the the product is hot right now. 


Amazon and eBay both have a lot of product data available, you just need to effectively mine it to identify which products are in demand. The best place to start is with the search bar, as this will suggest items that are currently getting lots of searches.


For example, as you type a word into the eBay search bar, you will be presented with a list of related keywords based on search frequency. Google Trends, Kickstarter.com and Wish.com are also fantastic resources for identifying current trends.

How to find dropshipping sites (stores)?

As a full time career:
AliExpress dropshipping.
eBay is one of the go-to platforms for dropshipping. It’s easy to use and already has a huge audience for you to tap into.
And many more stores are there, you can google them.

As a part time work:
1) Meesho drop shipping app. You download by clicking here.(I personally use this app and make a great earning in a month)
2) Wooplr drop shipping app. You download by clicking here.
And many more drop shipping apps are on play store you search.

All the best viewers. Any questions ask in comment section. For personal consultancy, contact us.

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