Complete Details – Food Truck Business Plan

Food truck business


What is food truck?

Food truck is a modern business concept which is just like movable restaurant. It is one of the most creative startup which require small and calculated investment and gives large profit earning.
Food truck provides fast food which mostly required by teenagers and youngsters of school and colleges. Food truck is a modern movable truck which provides food at city streets or anywhere.
Today’s food trucks serve gourmet cuisine, delicacies from other countries, health foods, and specialty sweets like unique cupcakes and exclusive chocolates.

Scope of food truck business?

As food truck is a  fresh creative startup idea and it require low investment and also it mainly targets on teenagers and youngsters so food truck have a very wide and bright scope in future.

Things required for food truck business are:-

     1) A big modified truck. (which have sufficient kitchen space and food materials)
     2) A great talented chef with minimum two servers.
     3) Food materials. (vegetables, oils, masalas, etc.)
     4) Other required materials:- Tissue papers, plates, bowls, spoons, menu charts, etc.
This business require at least 10,00,000 rupees to start and this amount is efficient. You can buy second hand truck and modified it.

Marketing or advertisement strategies to grow food truck business fastly are as following:-

     1) Utilize social media:- advertise on facebook, instagram, google, etc.
     2) Print phamplets:- Print phamplets, hoardings, etc.
     3) Give advertise in newpapers.
      All the best viewers. Any questions ask in comment section. For personal consultancy, contact us.

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