How to start mobile cover printing business

 Mobile cover printing business
Minimum Cost Maximum profit 

In Modern world, Every single person have smartphone and with smartphone the sales of phones accessories has been raised more than $160,000. This is a great time to start a business of 3D phone case covers.

The Psychology of the Phone Case Business. With new phones being released yearly, users are constantly on the hunt for a new case—either because they’ve upgraded their phone and their old one doesn’t fit, or they’re simply looking for a unique and interesting design to give their old phone an upgrade.

In the following steps, I will teach you how you can boost your income by opening this business and some selling tips by which you can sell more and earn more:-

 Material requied:-

      1.      Epson L360 Multi-function Inkjet Printer.
      2.      Sublimation Plain mobile covers.
      3.      Mobile Cover Printing Machine.
      4.      GoColor Sublimation Paper.
      5.      A computer system.


Above all materials are required for this business.


Steps to start printing business:-

Step-1) Print the image on sublimation paper. The image which you want on your phone case.


Step-2) After printing the image on sublimation paper. Wrap the paper on sublimation plain mobile cover.


Step-3) After wrapping it. Store it in cover printing machine. Set the temperature of machine and time.


Step-4) After 9 minutes. Wow, the cover is ready.


      1.      You can printing more than 6 covers at a time.
      2.      You can also print on t-shirts, mugs, key chains, etc.


It means you can do various businesses with these above materials.


Now, the items are ready to sell but the question is where to sell them and how to sell. Don’t worry I have something for you:-


      1.      You can sell these items on E-commerce websites like Amazon, flipkart, ebay, etc.


      2.      You can sell on the stores which exists in your city.


If you have any Questions regarding this business you can contact us.


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