10 Great business ideas to start in India – Startup ideas

10 Great business ideas to start in India 

India is a rapidly growing market, and businesses will stay here. Confused about what business you could start in 2019!! Well, in India we’re bringing you some unique yet profitable ideas for small business.

Following are 10 best business ideas:

1) Bakery shop

Bakery shops are in full swing. Thanks to the delicious pastries and puffs. In every city in India, this can be an ideal business and you can just rent out a small space. It’s clear that people are going to swing around your bakery shop. This is one of the best business ideas, starting with taking orders for cakes to serve both creamy and crispy snacks.

2)Pets Food manufacturing

Most of us are opting for nuclear families these days and therefore also love to keep pets. Animals need food and pet foods have become very popular these days. The start – up would require some investment, but in this business, the profit margin is usually high.

3)Juice and ice-cream parlour

The favourite of all is the yummy treatment of juice and ice cream. Therefore, it can be a great business option to open an ice cream parlour with a juice center. The investment is less and for added flavor you can choose seasonal fruits. Most importantly, the taste will attract customers.

4)Mineral water bottles

Mineral bottled water can be found anywhere, including parties, pubs, trains, buses, offices, etc. It requires its supply anywhere and anywhere. The investment is minimal and maximum profit. It’s a very popular business in tier 2 cities now a few days in 2019.

5)  Paper carry bags

This is an environmentally friendly way to use bags and an ideal business idea. Large or small, there has been a significant increase in demand for these bags after the polythene ban.

6) Candle making

Nearly every house and churches require candles. Candle making is therefore a great business as well as an art. It can attract many customers to prepare special candles for birthdays and other special occasions.

7) Tissue paper making

This is one of the low – cost and high – demand companies. It has become important and is always in use at home, in the restaurant or in the office. The key to this business is low investment and high profit. Read this plan in detail.

8)Clothing Store

For both men and women, this is the best business and can provide you with lucrative returns. During the festival season, the sales are particularly high and a great business idea in India. Read more.

9)Cell phone accessories business

      These days, everybody uses cell phones and their accessories are always in demand. Selling the accessories or making the same is therefore another great way to attract customers.

    10)   Art gallery

      You’re here to stay in this business if you’re an artist or have a flair for art. There is almost zero investment and it is possible to auction paintings at any price. To sell them, you have to know the right time and place.

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