How to become pilot after 12th – Startup ideas

How to become pilot after 12th – Startup ideas
How to become pilot after 12th – Startup ideas
Every student would like to know how to become a pilot and commercial pilot license? There are many pilot training institutes / aircraft training courses to study the pilot and fulfill your dream in pilot jobs and good salary. Pilot career is one of the exciting fields of employment options. Before you decide to become a pilot, you should learn about airline pilot training.


Pilot isn’t just a career as you learned “how to drive a car?” “You’re the one most responsible person in a single aircraft or aircraft for hundreds of lives. Before flying a passenger aircraft or other private jets, you may need to carry over 100 headaches. 

Air pilot’s various functions are:

  • Pilot have to Check the aircraft/Jets so to make its smooth functioning.
  • Knowing the weather of all destinations on the way.
  • Keep a hawk eye on speed and use the flight rules according to the instrument. During poor visibility, instrument flight rule is used to coordinate with air traffic controllers.
  • To be nearly careful when taking off and landing.
  • The transmission towers and power lines should be careful for helicopter pilots.


How to become pilot?

To have a pilot training, a 10 + 2 or equivalent exam with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics should have been passed. There is a written test for admission that includes test papers such as English, math, physics, reasoning, general awareness, and current affairs. The minimum age is 17 years to be enrolled in a pilot training institute. One must meet the medical standard prescribed by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). The training fee is Rs 25 lakh and includes flying training for 200 hours. The course’s duration is 15-18 months. In India, there are institutes that offer pilot training in India.
  • Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi, Rae Bareli
  • Karnal Aviation Club, Kunjpura Road, Karnal, Haryana
  • Orient Flight School, Chennai
  • Jamshedpur Co-operative Flying Club Ltd, Jamshedpur
  • Government Flying Training School, Bangalore
  • Puducherry Thakur College of Aviation
  • Institute of Aviation and Aviation Safety

How do pilots fly aeroplanes?

The significance of manual work is minimal for flying aeroplanes. Much of the work is done with the help of a powerful automatic-controlled computer whose work is monitored by the pilot. The pilot observed the systems of navigation and communication, was prepared for weather changes and was always in contact with the air traffic controller. Pilots are generally recruited for commercial airlines, but they are also hired by the army and in helicopter flying show their caliber as well.

Pilot Aircraft Training:

The candidate is initially given a Student Pilot License for pilot training. This training is followed by a Private Pilot License where the pilot took over an aircraft without a passenger. The advanced form of training is the Commercial Pilot License where the pilot and passengers fly the aircraft. This CPL is provided by the Civil Aviation Directorate General.
To be a successful pilot, a commercial pilot certificate with 250 flight hours logging is required. In addition to these criteria, you can try flight instruction, pipeline patrol, flying traffic watch and skydive pilot first. These can be fruitful in becoming a good airline pilot. The cost of pilot training in India is Rs 30 lakh, sometimes reached by the specialization to one crore, while in the US it is about 25 lakh. Training for CPL is less than India in US or developed countries due to high cost fuel and duties imposed as explained by the Indian system. Every time a pilot wants to upgrade to a larger aircraft, he will have to pay Rs 25 to 30 lakh in addition. Even after becoming a pilot, after every six months, one must pass a medical fitness test.

Paths of career as a pilot:

To be hired as an airline pilot, there are two major career paths: civilian or military.
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