7 effective ways to earn money by selling photos online

 Earn money by selling your photos online

Photography these days is a big business. For their websites and marketing materials, webmasters and businesses use images. For their homes, people buy artwork. All these pictures must come from somewhere. You have numerous options to sell your photographs online as a freelance photographer. From large corporations to small and medium – sized enterprises to bloggers, graphic designers, marketers and publishers, everyone regularly buys and uses photos online. Because of tools that can easily match images and their originators, the days of stealing images are numerated.

Are you of course gifted to take pictures? Do you enjoy the world around you snapping pictures? Then, by selling photos online, you can start earning money.

Online websites at which you can sell your photos and earn extra income:

1) SmugMug Pro:
SmugMug Pro lets you keep 85% of the markup for your images. The catch is you have to buy a Pro subscription, starting at $12.50 per month, to take advantage of this high royalty; there’s no free option.

2) Shutterstock:
Shutterstock has been a popular site for over 15 years to buy stock photos online. They have over 200 million images, videos, and music tracks for folks to purchase royalty free which also means they have millions of purchasing customers.

3) Istockphoto:
This site has been selling stock images since 2001. Since it’s been around for a while, it has an extensive network of contributors and thoroughly vets new applicants to make sure they’re a good fit.
The iStockphoto team will review your qualifications and you’ll have to take a short quiz to assess them. The final step is to upload a few samples of your work to make sure it’s top-notch.

4) Alamy:
Alamy is another a great platform to sell stock photos without any hard and fast rules. Alamy may not have as many buyers than Shutterstock and Adobe Stock, its still a great contender and another great option for revenue. Photographers can upload their photos without licensing or any other copyrights issue.

5) Etsy:Etsy is better known as a marketplace to buy and sell unique handmade goods. However, it does boast over 30 million users and several different ways to sell your photos through their platform. The great thing about Etsy is that they have a larger audience than most stock photo sites and a demographic that is ready to purchase your images.

6) Crestock:
Crestock is a place to sell photos and earn the money easily. You need to set up a free account on this website and upload the photos. They will assess and approve the images to add them in your Crestock portfolio.

7) 500px:
500pxis an online marketplace to create portfolios of your images and earn money. It is one of the best places to sell photos online. Five million photographers list their stock images with 500px, according to the site. You’ll receive 70% net for every license sold (standard licenses are $250), and your images may appear in big-name ad campaigns if you submit them for commercial licensing.

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