How to open play school in India – Startup ideas

 How to open play school in India


Nursery schools or pre – schools provide a platform for a child to take her first step in the world of education as well as in the social world. These schools play a vital role in shaping the character of a child and laying a strong foundation for her future. Parents must send their children to nursery school where they can learn and grow in a healthy and comfortable environment.
This requires some early – stage investment. Once done with the preconditions you can earn throughout your life as parents pay heavy amounts to keep their kids in school along with the basic facilities.

Moreover, it requires a small investment to open a nursery school and is one of the safest business ventures. To start your own nursery school in India, go through the following procedure.

     1) Investment and financing:

          Capital investment is the first thing to consider when opening a playschool school. With an investment of Rs.6 lakh, you can open a nursery school in India. You can approach banks or other financial institutions providing loans for this purpose to collect this investment.

     2) Effective location or place:

              The next step is to find the appropriate site for your nursery school. Look for a land to help you provide a healthy and learning – friendly environment. Location plays an important role as well. Location has a great value in pre – school marketing. Also, don’t indulge yourself in any cheap antics to market.

     3) Name your playschool:

              Name has a lot of meaning. Do not copy the names of others, since it is both illegal and unethical.

     4) Get pre – school permissions and licenses:

              There is currently no central law on pre – school registration, although there are some state laws in Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and others such as the ‘ Private School Education Acts. Many other states have letters issued by the government of the state (under the guise of the RTE Act) to start and run a pre – school.

     5) Build a good playschool:

              The next step is to start building. The school building must include primarily well – ventilated and colorful classrooms, proper bathroom facilities, a spacious children’s playground with rides and tricycles, a well – equipped area for interactive learning.

     6) Bring good toys and equipment:

               Store your school with lots of non – toxic and safe children’s toys and games. Deliver colorful furniture to your nursery school.

     7) Hire skilled and potential employees:

               Next, you need to hire your nursery school with a qualified and potential staff. Recruit polite teachers who love children. Avoid teachers with children who are too strict.


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