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Start car washing business


So if all runs at the fastest possible pace, all car owners would definitely love to have their car cleaned within a very short span by a trained professional while relaxing over a warm cup of tea or coffee in an extended cafeteria and enjoying their car being cleaned to get back that pristine look. The next big thing for you can be setting up a car wash business in India.

Why is the business of car wash profitable?

  • Potentially high – profit carwash margins
  • It is still a fragmented industry, so a strong regional brand can be built
  • Availability of start – up and lending capital
  • Unlike other industries, such as food services, stocks do not usually spoil
  • It is predominantly a cash business
  • Payment is immediate, no receivables.

Why and what’s so unique about car washing business?

General car washing involves a wide range of tasks including washing, cleaning, drying, polishing, servicing, and even providing cosmetic details when needed. It is worth noting here that the business of car washing does not involve repairing and replacing parts of motor vehicles.
So car wash business can be your next profitable venture and with extensive research on the various aspects of the job you would be able to be highly successful. If you’re really interested, take some time out and visit a local car wash company to get a vague idea of how things work.

Steps to start car washing business:

      1) Effective location: However, in the large city and small town you can start the business as well. Basically, the most important aspect of this business is the selection of a location. You have to be very careful while selecting the location you want to build on. Begin by driving around your target area, paying close attention to relative traffic, local business types, and anything that looks for sale. Get an impression of your potential market.
     2) Analyze the competition: Local competition can be dangerous, even for Totally Tommy buildings, and it is important to select a location between you and your competitors with some elbow room.
     3) Make a plan of business: Your business plan for car washing should focus on both long – term operations and short – term operations. Use a professional service and remember that the more your plan is detailed, thorough, and researched, the better it looks to investors or your bank.
     4) Car wash equipment: You will generally find various types of equipment on the market. Basically, different features, benefits and price range come from equipment and tools. However, the equipment must be procured according to your specific requirement.
     5) Business tools: You need to be equipped with the right business tools before you start offering the services. And the most important aspect here is accounting software. Basically, accepting and managing reservations, raising tax invoices, printing money receipts are the main requirements in the business of car washing.
     6) Marketing techniques: Don’t just expect them to line up yourself without any effort. Be sure to let the community know about your wash before the grand opening with on – site advertising as well as print, radio, local web ads and possibly TV ads. You can use the social networking platform, it is more effective and efficient in comparison to other marketing tools.
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