How to start courier business in India – Startup ideas

 Start courier business in India

Courier Business is one of India’s fastest growing markets. The rise in the e – commerce industry helps courier services grow their business incredibly. Courier business provides the full solution for delivering goods in India and across the border. It helps connect people from all over the world. The emergence of technology, making delivering goods or parcels in time easy and convenient for customers. So let’s learn more about Courier business in India today so you can start your own Courier business or enterprise in India.

Business owners in India have two options to start a Courier business –

  1. You have to place your own company of logistics and courier
  2. Simply take a franchise from the well – known courier company

1)  You have to place your own company of logistics and courier

If you plan to set up your own courier business then, raising funds from investors in India is the most prominent part of starting the business. At the initial level, one can raise funds from investors to set up the network. Renowned and well – established foreign companies in the logistics business in India compared to a number of well – performing players in India.

Here are India’s top ten courier companies that are well – established players –
      1)      Indian Postal Services – it was set up in 1774 and more than 1,5 lakh post offices.
      2)      DHL Express India Private Limited – its established in 1969 and has a global presence in more than 200 nations.
      3)      Blue Dart Express Limited – it is a subsidiary of DHL, established in 1994.
      4)      First Flight Courier Limited has approximately 1200 domestic offices, established in 1986.
      5)      DTDC Courier and Cargo Limited – set up in 1990 and have a reasonable market share in courier service in India.
      6)      Fedex India – established in 1973 and in 220 countries distribution offices
      7)      Gati Limited – Established in 1989 and with a strong market presence in the Pacific region of South Asia and Asia.
      8)      TNT Express – it was founded in 1974 and has a presence in over 190 countries.
      9)      The Professional Courier Network Limited – Established in 1987 & has twenty regional offices and more than twenty K+ offices.
     10)   Overnight Express Limited – Founded in 1987 & serving over 2800 country locations.
You must raise funds from investors before starting your own Courier Company in India. You can set up a private limited company in India and raise the funds by allocating your company’s shares through an investor.
In India, apart from the big logistics companies above, there are a lot of Indian startups like Delhivery that started from scratch and it is the top well – established e – commerce logistics player in India today.

A checklist of things to start your business or company in India:-

  • Search for investors from various sources and keep in hand enough money.
  • Establish a legal entity in India as a private limited company.
  • Apply for proper registration of taxes such as service tax.
  • Build a Quality & Training Service Team and Invest.
  • Build a big network.

2)  Simply take a franchise from the well – known courier company

Due to lack of funds, everyone is unable to open their own Courier Company, even most of the Successful Logistics Startups are learning about the Courier or Logistics industry by taking the franchise from other companies and going with the Big Plans after understanding the market.
You can take the franchise and learn more about the industry before you start your own business. You will learn about everything from flexibility with reliability, efficiency and timeliness. You will be exposed to the well – developed broad network and an optimized route by choosing this option.

Just follow things to apply for any kind of Courier Business Franchise in India –
  • A legal entity with registration & license of proper tax.
  • A Small Space to open your Agreement Franchise.
  • A Small Deposit that varies and depends on the Courier Company.
  • Financial credentials such as bank accounts or bank passes.
  • Letter of approval from the office of the Courier Head.
  • Franchise and Company Logistics Agreement.

Here are some of the well – established courier companies ‘ franchises in India:-
  • Indian Speed Post office Franchise
  • DHL Express Franchise
  • DTDC Franchise
  • First Flight

At last: Use this article to set up your own Courier Business in India. With the basic requirements, it will help you and give you the details. From planning to execution, everything is considered by vehicles, equipment and a name for your own business.


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