Ultimate guide – How to start tissue paper manufacturing business

 How to start tissue paper manufacturing business

Business  in the production of tissue paper is a great idea to start a profitable small business as it is highly consumable. Tissue papers are used in a huge volume on daily basis. Its usage is not only restricted to homes, restaurants and hotels but almost every places where health and hygiene conscious people are present or gathered round.You will also need to make provisions for raw materials in the plan when you create a business plan on how to start tissue paper manufacturing business in India. Raw materials are delivered at affordable prices in jumbo tissue rolls. Next is the staff requirement and a suitable space for starting the business in your area.


Usually, a startup tissue paper manufacturing business requires 2 to 5 people. Provide them with appropriate training to operate the machinery. Some agencies offer free training when you buy machinery and install the machinery through it.


It is very important that you have the complete and thorough knowledge and skills about the same before you venture into any manufacturing business. If necessary, take the necessary training to gain the business expertise.


You also need to have some managerial skills in addition to the technical knowledge of the business type. You can not appoint employees for each department in a small business such as accounts, marketing, supervision, and others. You may need to take responsibility for various jobs. So make sure you have the right knowledge along with the willingness to work hard to enjoy the company’s success.

Below is the different fabrication equipment you will need:

  • Band saw cutter
  • Jumbo Reel Winding Machine
  • Core Gluing Machine
  • Cutting Machine
  • Perforating unit
  • Embossing unit
Raw materials also play an important part in this business successful operation. Core paper and jumbo reels are the main raw materials used in the production of tissue paper. The other materials are paper, glue, cellophane and so on wrapping.

Steps to start tissue paper manufacturing business:-

      1) Business plan: It’s a good idea to prepare a business plan before starting the business. For you and the other employees, it serves as a guide. It helps you track if you have derailed from your product’s quality and specifications. For a small fee, an expert can help you draw up a perfect business plan.


      2) Location: Select a location in a non – residential area to locate your plant. Noisy machines usually disturb local peace. Besides that, in each and every country there are certain rules and regulations that prevent manufacturing companies from locating in residential and business areas. You have to select a good environment.


    3) License and registration: The next step is to ensure that the business is properly registered by the relevant authority. You will need to get the license to start the business before you operate your business.


      4) Machinery and accessories: The next thing you’d need is to purchase the machinery and accessories you need from the funds you’ve arranged. Some of the major machines needed to get started include the core manufacturing devices, band saw cutter, rewinding machine, embossing unit, perforating unit and other raw materials. In almost every country, this machine and the raw materials are readily available or you can buy them online. These can be obtained at an affordable price.


     5) Hire Experienced Workers: In this business too, the quality of experienced employees cannot be underestimated. People who have worked in similar companies will be of great help to you. The involvement of experienced employees in the business brings your product to the market. Hiring inexperienced individuals could lead to deterioration of the company’s standard productivity level.


      6) Marketing and advertisement: Your main target should be restaurants, hotels, homes, etc. You will have to make powerful strategies. You should talk to the managers of such restaurants and hotels to buy tissues from you. You will have to provide good quality of tissues and should maintain the quality forever.

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