How to become a yoga teacher

how to become yoga teacher

Nowadays, for good health and overall well-being, people move towards yoga. That’s why there has been a growing demand from skilled yoga teachers and instructors. This should not be the only reason for becoming a teacher of yoga, though. For the ancient art you ought to have true respect and love.

Yoga instructors can work part-time or full-time, and some are self-employed. Instructors may work daytime, evening, night, weekend, or vacation shifts depending on their employer and yoga class schedule. Travel is not uncommon, whether it is in multiple gym locations or in the homes of customers.

How much do yoga teacher(instructor) make?

A Yoga Instructor’s average pay is Rs 304,102 per year.

Steps to become yoga teacher:

1. Learn Yoga

To understand which style works best for you, you should take courses in different types of yoga. Ashtanga, Anusara, Hatha, Vinyasa, and Bikram yoga are various types. The instruction style may also vary depending on the facility and the teacher.

2. Join the training program of yoga teachers

Yoga teacher training includes anatomy and physiology courses, yoga philosophy and instructional techniques. By observing teachers and teaching classes, you will gain practical experience. Many schools follow the guidelines for 200-hour and 500-hour teacher training programs set by the Yoga Alliance.

3. Regular training and practice

The most important thing to become a yoga teacher is to practice and learn the basics of yoga. Practice with someone who knows yoga, read books, and watch tutorials that are very useful before you commit to a degree or certification to get the initial understanding of the art. It is recommended to do the same for at least one year.

4. Start providing private classes

This is your chance to take advantage of the exposure. You should market your private classes constantly. While classes in the studio pay $ 40-75 per class, a private yoga instructor earns $100-$150 per hour or more.

If you notice someone specially engaged in your class, don’t be afraid to come up with them after class and make them aware of your private class offering. You’re not supposed to feel shy or “sell” to them.

Success tips:

  • Search for a mentor. A mentor can help aspiring teachers learn about different teaching techniques and yoga styles.
  • Network with teachers and peers. Yoga teacher training does not guarantee a job. When you are in school, you should network with classmates and faculty.
  • In some areas, competition among teachers of yoga is strong. You may consider distinguishing yourself from other teachers as a unique approach.
  • Become CPR certified. By being certified in CPR, most health and fitness centers require instructors to have the skills to handle a health emergency.

India is the birthplace of yoga and the country is favored worldwide for yoga learning and practice, there is no dearth of yoga schools and YTT centers. You need to be knowledgeable and able to do yoga together with completing a formal training course and fulfilling any requirements set by your employer to become a yoga instructor.

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